AEEE Capital Holding & Advisory Group Inc Reaches Nine Figure Licensing Deals Abroad

LEWES, Del., Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AEEE Capital Holding & Advisory Group Inc (AEEE) announced licensing deals have been reached for its Long Span EA Bridge Systems IP Technology with Manufacturers in both Egypt and China.

The licensing deals reached by AEEE with Egypt and China span five (5) and four (4) years respectively, (from 2020) and have produced a whopping nine figures in revenue in 2020. This came as no surprise to AEEE’s CEO MJ Said, an engineer himself and the inventor of the EA Bridge System.

The EA Bridge Systems ( have been proven to save anywhere from 38% to 45% of hard costs. Furthermore, with end users (Governments) required to be fully transparent with competitive bids and relevant proposed design systems (anti infringement benefit), AEEE has been looking to expand its licensing operations to North America, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Germany.

AEEE is Venture Capitalist firm formed in 2019 with a contrarian kick. AEEE’s philosophy and culture underscores the importance of utilizing the “think tank” mentality when considering opportunities. Everyone’s voice is heard. Whether you are an MIT Engineering graduate, a Harvard Business School graduate, a sharp kid from Nebraska or an intern, everyone gets to have a say.

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