Acre NY, ZL Capital, and BuildX Successfully Co-Held New York Real Estate & Economic Forum in New York City

NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acre NY is proud to announce the successful hosting of New York Real Estate & Economic Forum, held on July 23rd.

The theme of the forum was The Financial Storm Warning for Investors: How to protect your wealth and invest in real estate. The event featured 5 special guest speakers and more than 100 participants attended. With US inflation rates hitting 9.1% annually in June and mortgage rates having doubled recently, Acre NY aimed to answer a common question from clients: How to keep and improve asset value? The forum is mainly to serve the Chinese American community and help investors to find the direction of real estate investment in this special market environment of 2022 and 2023.

The first guest speaker: Laura Zhang, a well-known financial influencer, analyzed the US current economic situation after the high rise of mortgage rates and gave buyers some investing ideas.

Cathy Huang, Top New York & New Jersey Real Estate Broker, shared the data analysis of major regional changes in the US real estate market.

Dong Chen, the host of the real estate TV program “Living in US,” gave us a prediction about the most popular areas in New York and how to identify the quality of construction when buying houses.

Yu Liu, Co-founder & CEO of ZL Capital and BuildX, shared his thoughts about opportunities and innovations in the real estate market under the economic cycle.

The last speaker Cindy Zhang, who is co-founder of ZL Capital, and co-founder & CEO of BuildX, discussed how to use real estate funds to maximize revenue.

Founder of Acre NY, Cathy Huang said: “We are very pleased to be able to co-host this event with ZL Capital, BuildX, and those amazing invited guest speakers to share their professional opinions about real estate economics and how to invest in property. The real estate market is cooling down because of the rise of interest rates and inflation rates. With growing worries of the US economic recession and impairment of their assets, people are trying to find the right direction to invest in real estate. It is a really good opportunity for us to connect with people who care about the US real estate market as much as we do. I’m hopeful today’s forum can be a guidance to the audience. We are looking forward to hosting more real estate events in the future.”

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