Abraham Bergman Assumes Positions of President and CEO of Eastern Union

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Abraham Bergman has assumed the positions of president and CEO of Eastern Union, one of America’s largest commercial real estate finance companies. He had previously served as Eastern Union’s managing partner since co-founding the firm with Ira Zlotowitz in 2001.

Mr. Zlotowitz had served as the company’s president and CEO since its inception. He will now be pursuing other activities in the commercial real estate field.

"Eastern Union has established itself as one of the industry’s most respected commercial mortgage brokerage firms," said Mr. Bergman. "Our national client base is steadily expanding, and so are our relationships with lenders across America. Powered by these competitive assets, I am committed to ensuring the company’s continued growth."   

From the moment of the company’s founding through to the present time, Mr. Bergman has been playing an active and central role in shaping Eastern Union’s corporate strategy and structure. He has also been a leader in sales and relationship-building across each of the company’s commercial real estate sectors. These elements have included conventional commercial mortgages, structured debt, healthcare, hospitality, mobile home parks, investment sales, and — handled in conjunction with company affiliate Eastern Equity Advisors — equity placement.  

To fortify the firm’s brokerage component, Eastern Union also announced that its two most productive brokers, Marc Tropp and Michael Muller, had been named to the company’s board. They each hold the title of senior managing director.

Both Mr. Muller and Mr. Tropp possess excellent, national reputations within the commercial brokerage world. Mr. Muller has been the firm’s leading broker in the New York City market over the past 20 years. Mr. Tropp has been Eastern Union’s number-one broker in the Mid-Atlantic regional market for the last 16 years.

Moshe Maybloom — a 14-year veteran of the firm — has also been named to the company’s board. Eastern Union also announced that Mr. Maybloom has assumed the position of senior managing director of operations.

The number of mortgage originations secured by Eastern Union in October ranked the second-highest by the company over the past eighteen months.

Eastern Union has additional new hires and promotions in the pipeline to help accommodate growing deal volume. Among the new hires, Eastern Equity Advisors — the Eastern Union affiliate — will be bringing on a senior underwriter and placer to help manage and broaden the company’s wide network of capital sources. 

Abraham Bergman’s assumption of Mr. Zlotowitz’s prior positions at Eastern Union is taking place "on the best of terms and with complete good will," Mr. Bergman said.  

Mr. Bergman holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Touro College and a master’s degree in general business administration from Baruch College. 

Abraham Bergman is active with a number of philanthropic organizations both on the national level and also within his own neighborhood of Flatbush in Brooklyn. 

About Eastern Union 

Founded in 2001, Eastern Union is a leading, national commercial mortgage brokerage firm. It employs more than 125 real estate professionals and closes an average of $5 billion in transactions annually. Eastern Union leverages its relationships with lenders and its marketplace knowledge to secure the best available rates and terms.

Eastern Union, headquartered in New York, closes transactions of all sizes across the United States. It secures financing for all asset types. Transactions — which can include multi-state and multi-site portfolios — encompass both conventional and structured financing. Capital introductions are handled through Eastern Union’s affiliate, Eastern Equity Advisors.

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