A New Paradigm for Real Estate Agents Working in a Gig Economy: Realty Connect Offers Free Lifetime Platform Membership Opportunity

RESTON, Va., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Realty Connect recently highlighted its unique approach to real estate referrals, embracing the gig economy to help struggling agents continue to practice. Realty Connect is an easy, affordable, one-stop platform that allows agents to use their license without high fees, dues, and expenses, yet continue making money through the process of real estate referrals. Realty Connect is more than a typical real estate referral company, having evolved the process beyond the local level to give agents a wide reach, providing a network that includes 25,000 top realtors serving every single zip code across the nation. Realty Connect makes it easy to place a referral, track a client, get an agreement, and receive a payment – all through a single platform.

"Research shows that up to 80% of agents fail or quit within their first year of receiving a license," said Dana Jensen, CEO of Realty Connect. "That’s a staggering statistic. So we needed a new way for agents to do their work and make money in this very tough business – through referral bonuses that are actually worth their time. And that’s exactly what Realty Connect does. We are the only national referral brokerage that pays our agents 100% of their referral fees. So far, we have helped thousands of agents continue to practice in a way that meets their financial goals, giving them the freedom they need to thrive."

Realty Connect: Three Easy Steps

With both yearly and lifetime memberships available, Realty Connect walks agents through a simple, three-step license transfer process:

  1. Agents select their membership level and sign up using a secure online payment system. An immediate email then offers step-by-step instructions on how to transfer the realtor’s license into the care of Realty Connect. Depending on the state, this usually takes less than one business day.
  2. Platform tools and tips guide members on how to seek out and generate hundreds of referrals every single year. Anyone with a real estate background can do it.
  3. By applying the tools and resources provided by Realty Connect, agents can make multiple referrals a year, receiving 100% of those fees (with 2-3 referrals a year, $3,200 on average). A single referral can more than pay agents back for a lifetime membership to Realty Connect.

Realty Connect: The New Agent Challenge

For a limited time, Realty Connect is offering new agents a special opportunity: the New Agent Challenge. For every referral agents make during their first year of membership, Realty Connect will gift them with an additional single free year of membership. And to keep the network growing, Realty Connect will also gift another single free year of membership for every new agent members successfully recruit during their first year. Finally, for new members who successfully complete both two referrals and recruit two new agents during their first year, Realty Connect will upgrade that member’s account to a permanent Lifetime Membership.

Learn more about the freedom of a realty referral program that actually benefits its members by visiting Realty Connect online: www.RealtyConnect.com.

Media Contact:

Dana Jensen, CEO & Principal Broker
(703) 762-6218


SOURCE Realty Connect

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