A GoDocs Webinar: Managing Default Rates in a Nationwide Commercial Lending Environment

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GoDocs, a leader in automated commercial loan document automation, proudly announces its upcoming Managing Default Rates webinar (https://godocs.com/managing-default-rates-webinar-multistate-commercial-lending/.)

Steering through the ebb and flow of the market, commercial lenders face a critical task – skillfully managing default rates. It’s not just about gaining a competitive advantage; it’s about treading a fine line within the legal landscape, avoiding potential legal disputes, and ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving set of rules. This delicate balancing act, spanning diverse states and their specific regulations, is paramount to a successful lending approach. By mastering the intricacies of default rate management, lenders can guide their strategies effectively, reducing risk, and optimizing returns for increased profitability.

The webinar will delve into the formidable task of managing default rates across diverse states, each with its own legal intricacies and restrictions. Abigail Williams, Senior Director of Legal and Compliance at Lima One, takes a spotlighted position among the panelists, bringing invaluable expertise and real-world insights from her front-line experience at Lima One. Joining her are esteemed panelists: Ren Hayhurst, Sr. Counsel and Executive Director for Loan Automation at GoDocs; Zach Wallin, Lead Corporate Counsel specializing in Legal Operations at GoDocs; and Tucker Wade, Lead Corporate Counsel focusing on Legal and Compliance at GoDocs. They will collectively explore the nuances of maintaining a consistent lending approach amidst varying state-specific regulations, economic landscapes, and borrower demographics, providing participants with a gateway to understanding the critical balance required to structure loans effectively, minimize defaults, and maximize returns.

Essential Topics for Managing Default Rates
The Managing Default Rates webinar will address a wide range of mission-critical topics for commercial lenders, including:

  • State-Specific Regulations – How to unlock key strategies to navigate complex state-specific regulations and optimize lending decisions.
  • Laws and Best Practices – The latest intel on changing laws and industry best practices, ensuring your lending strategies remain compliant and effective.
  • Impact on Profitability – Insights into the relationship between precise default rate management and increased profitability in commercial lending.
  • Tools, Tips, Automation – A review of the essential tools and tips for optimizing processes, ensuring compliance, and enhancing adaptability in managing default rates.

“From our experience and continuous conversations with customers and lenders, we grasp the pressing need for commercial lenders to navigate a challenging and ever-changing landscape,” states GoDocs’ Executive Director for Loan Automation, Ren R Hayhurst. “Our approach is multifaceted, combining constant updates, best practices, and automation. By streamlining the management of default rates, our customers can optimize lending decisions and maintain more resilient portfolios.”

The Power of GoDocs®
In addition to the webinar’s insights, attendees will discover how GoDocs provides a much-needed advantage when it comes to managing rates. GoDocs’ cutting-edge software is designed to automate and provide lenders with effective, compliant, and timely options to manage default interest rates. This not only ensures adherence to legal frameworks but also eliminates the potential for errors and inconsistencies that can lead to costly legal disputes. By leveraging GoDocs, commercial lenders can navigate the intricate landscape of default interest rates with confidence, knowing that they are equipped with the tools to comply with regulations seamlessly while optimizing returns.

About GoDocs
GoDocs is an innovative leader in automated loan document generation, transforming the commercial lending process. With our fully cloud-based platform, we provide a flexible digital solution that makes commercial loans more cost-effective to document and faster to close, all while maintaining compliance in all 50 states. As the only purely SaaS system for automated loan document generation, GoDocs offers a user-friendly experience that requires little to no training. Our SOC2 certification underscores our commitment to data security and confidentiality. Trusted by industry-leading banks, credit unions, and private lenders, GoDocs delivers clear, demonstrable value with our exceptional customer satisfaction, backed by our 100% onshore support. GoDocs — Experience the future of commercial lending with a one-stop digital closing ecosystem.

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